0161 258 0166
PO BOX 583
MCR. M16 6HF
Monday - Friday
09:30 - 16:00

At 1pm on Friday 30th September 2022, the Asbestos Victims Supports Groups’ Forum UK is holding protests outside Cape offices in Rotherham (Building 2 Fields End, Davey Road, S63 0JF) & Warrington (Unit 3F, Lyncastle Way, WA4 4ST).

Documents obtained by the Forum show Cape hid the true dangers of its asbestos products in the 60s & 70s. Lives were lost as result. We believe Cape should now donate at least £10 million to mesothelioma research, to put right some of the wrong they have done. Join us, and help make it happen!

Contact us on 0161 258 0166, or email us at info@gmavsg.org, by Friday 16th September, if you want to come and need transport.