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Campaigning for better funding for medical research and treatment, fairer benefits and compensation, the removal of asbestos from the places where we work and live, and an international ban on asbestos.

As well as the advice we offer to individuals,
and the support groups we help to run,
GMAVSG campaigns on issues affecting
asbestos victims and their families


survival rate

people diagnosed with mesothelioma in England survive their disease for one year or more


Mortality Rate Increase

In Great Britain, male Asbestosis death rates increased by over 300% from 1983 to 2017

Campaigns and Events

Most of our campaigning work is done in co-operation with other asbestos victims support groups, through the Asbestos Victims Support Groups Forum UK. A list of which can be found here.

Along with GMAVSG, these are groups whose primary activity is to support and to campaign on behalf of asbestos victims, and to raise funds for medical research into asbestos-related diseases.

See below for details of key events and campaigns.