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In 2014, GMAVSG paid Nigel Ingham of the Open University to do a series of oral history interviews with both mesothelioma sufferers and those who had lost a loved one to the disease.

The interviewees talk at length about the impact of the disease on their personal and family lives. The interview material is uniquely valuable in terms of its social significance and historical interest. However, the recorded personal testimonies are very moving, and occasionally distressing.

Digital audio recordings of the seven oral history interviews, including transcripts, short summaries and photographs, have been deposited with the Scottish Oral History Centre (SOHC) at Strathclyde University.

Access to these records will be restricted during the lifetime of the interviewees. Under these restrictions, access can only be granted under certain conditions to the public for research purposes. To access the records, you will need to provide details of your research, and sign a ‘data protection’ undertaking.

After the restricted period, the records will be made freely available to the public for research purposes.

Researchers wishing to access the records should contact the Scottish Oral History Centre.