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Asbestos Victims Charter for Justice


In 2015, asbestos victims support groups agreed the Asbestos Victims Charter for Justice 2020.

The Charter sets out changes which would help asbestos victims now, and stop others from getting asbestos diseases in the future. These changes are fundamentally achievable.

The Asbestos Victims Support Groups Forum UK has issued a Charter for Justice for asbestos victims. The Charter sets out a small number of easily affordable reforms that would make a real difference to asbestos victims.

This country owes a debt of justice to asbestos victims and their families. We all have a duty to make sure victims receive the help they need. We all have an interest in making sure that asbestos is removed from the buildings we live and work in so that no one suffers in the future. This Charter sets out how we could achieve these aims. We hope everyone can support it. In particular we would like our politicians and policy makers to support it.

GMAVSG are proud to support the Asbestos Victims Charter for Justice. We hope you can support it too.
Please pledge your support for the Charter for Justice today, and make sure that any politician you vote for supports it too.

Click here to view the Charter


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