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Thank you to everyone who supported Action Mesothelioma Day in Manchester last Friday.

The aim of Action Mesothelioma Day is to raise awareness of the asbestos cancer mesothelioma, and to campaign on issues affecting mesothelioma victims, for example by calling for more funding for medical research.

Thank you, once again, to everyone who supported this very important event!

The rally in Albert Square was addressed by Greater Manchester MPs Kate Green, Lucy Powell and Ivan Lewis, and by Mairead Dixon of Wythenshawe Hospital.

The rally was chaired by Claudette Drews, who spoke movingly about losing her husband Stephen to mesothelioma.

At the end of the rally, doves were released in memory of all those who had lost their lives to mesothelioma.

The doves were released by Julie McClean who lost her husband Ian, Lesley Buckley who lost her husband Stephen, Jackie Bates who lost her husband Chris, Kath Thompson who lost her husband Tommy, Debbie Gough who lost her husband John, and Claudette who lost her husband Stephen. All of them showed immense dignity and bravery in a moving commemoration.

Christine Alderson chaired the public meeting later at the Friends Meeting House. Christine, who lost her husband Robert to mesothelioma in 2013, is an active member of GMAVSG’s Mesothelioma Support Group.